Sissy Faggot MP3My sissification mp3 , “The Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song” is back and updated for 2016!  I’ve had so many sissy bois ask Me to bring this humiliation mp3 back that I just couldn’t resist.

In this ridiculous humiliation sissy audio recording, I sing and chant and taunt you like the pathetic little bitch boi that you are.  I call you a loser, a faggot, a pansy, a cock whore, a cum eater and every other emasculating thing I can think of.

Your little sissy dick will love it as I sing in your ear the words that both excite and humiliate you:  You’re a sissy, sissy faggot… a sissy, sissy faggot!


AUDIO EFFECTS: Some slight reverb to make My singing and taunting you even more emasculating and humiliating.

5 minutes and 56 seconds of embarrassing and ridiculously hot sissy humiliation.

Sissy Faggot MP3

Sniff Mt Dirty Panties MP3I know you want to Sniff and Lick My Panties, you pervert!  Check out My hot new FemDom MP3.  I know you want to stick your nose and tongue into My dirty panties.  The delicious aroma wafting from My dirty panties is just too tempting.  Pick them up, panty sniffer.  Lick and Sniff My Dirty Panties.  So yummy!


Sniff My Panties FemDom MP3

AUDIO EFFECTS: Reverb and repeating echo effects added to My very sexy voice will swim around in your brain and fuck with your head.

8 minutes, 1 second.

Buy My hot FemDom MP3 now, panty sniffer.  You will love the mind fuck effects.  Stick your nose into My panties… slide your tongue out of your mouth… lick My delicious panties, you pervert!

Sissy Rick is a pathetic wimpy sissy loser.  His ridiculous little dick makes him obsessed with getting his name and pictures all over the internet.  What a dork!  So here is his pic for the whole world to see.

He is infatuated with a girl who won’t give him the time of day.  It’s only a matter of time until she finds out all about him and sees all of his pix.  He really deserves to be exposed for the wimpy jackass that he is.  When she figures out who he is, she’ll prolly make her boyfriend beat him up and force him to wear high heels while all her friends laugh at him.

Poor Ricky will never be a real man.  He’s just a loser and a wimpy, sissy jack ass.


sissy panty boy

Sissy panty boy’s secret sex toys aren’t such a secret anymore.  Hehe.  I have been tormenting Screwdriver Boy for quite a while now and really love to make him squirm.  He sent Me this picture of his sissy panties and of the screwdriver that he shoves up his ass a while ago, and since I had so much fun tormenting  him the other night, I figured it was about time to post it.

I really fucked with his head the other night too.  Those of you who know Me will know just how much I love to crawl inside your sissy faggot heads and give you a total mind fuck.  Anyway, I had sissy panty boy eating out of the palm of My hand.  So much so that he had to call Me a second time a little while after he squirted to squirt a second sissy load.  Hehe.

I really took him deeper into his sissy fetish too.  I seduced him into feeling weak and safe and then really pushed his boundaries.  I kept telling him that it was safe to let out his secret perversions with Me – that no one would ever know how much he wants to be a panty boy and how much he loves fucking his ass with that screw driver.  No one except Me and him – and every one who reads My blog.  Haha.

Poor little girly bitch was totally helpless and totally excited.  I loved making him squirm for Me like that.  I own his silly little mind and his horny little dicklet too.  Now he won’t be able to resist Me at all!

sissy panty boy phone sexI love driving you sissy panty boys crazy.  And I think it’s so funny when you can’t control yourselves because you love being My sissy bitches so much.  I just spoke to Screwdriver Boy.  Hadn’t tormented him in a while, so he was really ripe.  Hehe.

Every time he calls Me, I completely humiliate and emasculate him.  It gets his little sissy dick sooooo hard.  He is always wearing panties for our phone sex calls, cause he knows he has no use as a man.  So tonight I had him rub his screw driver against his little cock in his panties and tell it how much he wants it to fuck his ass for Me.

Now, if you have never read about Screwdriver Boy, I’ll give you a quick hint about what I usually make him do:  I make him fuck his sissy ass pussy with the screw driver (his idea, not Mine) while he tells Me how much he loves Me.  Ok, so that wasn’t really a hint.  Lol.

Anyway, after I made him rub his panties with the screw driver, I was about to make him hump his little panty bump against his mattress and shove the screw driver handle up his ass, but he just got too excited.  Hahaha!  All of a sudden, I heard sissy panty boy say “Princess…  Princess…!”  and I knew he had creamed his pathetic little panties.

Hehe.  I love it when you sissy panty boys lose control.  Those ridiculous little dicks of yours may control your entire lives, but I control your ridiculous little dicks.  😉
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Talk about emasculation!  Check this sissy vid out.  It’s actually a commercial, but I found it today on YouTube and HAD to post it.  I wonder how many of you have actually done something like this.  Hahahaha!

Imagine being all dressed up in your sissy panties and bra and then having the whole world see you dress like that.  What a humiliated sissy boy you would be.  Hehe.  That’s what you sissy sluts dream of anyway, isn’t it?  Exposing your girly fetish to the world?!

Hmmm…anyone who wants to make a sissy video and mention My name in it will get a special reward.  I can post it here on My website and everyone can see you for the whore that you really are!

Edit: Here’s the link to the video on YouTube. For some reason when I embedded the video, it screwed up My blog layout. So here’s the link instead:   How Not To Cross Dress.

sissy emasculationHow humiliating!  Lol.  I love this sissy caption.  Sissies must be continually emasculated and humiliated so that they don’t think they are real men, even for a minute.  Besides, I’m sure this hot girl has a stud cock to take care of her.  That only adds to your emasculation and humiliation!  You’ll never deserve such a hot girl!