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I’ve got the house to myself this weekend and that only means one thing… Pantie Boy Time! I’ve secretly been shopping while my wife is at work this month but i haven’t had the chance for a full on Pantie Boy fashion show. I’ve bought so many cheeky pairs of knickers and thongs to wear and i’m so eager to tuck my shaved cock inside them.

My toned body has beencompletely shaved down and i’m ready for the soft sensation of gorgeous little knickers to be running up my legs. My ass always looks fantastic in them too so i can’t help but look at myself in the mirror and admier how gorgeous i look. My big dick seems to have a mind of it’s own now and it’s getting so hard.

It always happens though when i slide into these gorgeous littye panties. My masculine body just looks too good and i have to wank. I can see my abs and muscles flex as i pull my cock hard in front of the mirror and it’s such a beautiful site as i cum inside these knickers.

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Nylon Jane, Lingerie, Stockings, Nylons, Bench, Rope, Bondage

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Please help, i’m all tied up and helpless and i only have my sexy lingerie to cover my gorgeous body. My hands are bound tied to this bench and i can’t move. Anyone could come here right now and run their hands all over my tight body, hmmm now that i think about it, that could be quite fun. A complete stranger coming at me from behind and putting their hands around my waste…

Slowly exploring my body, the hand would open my bra and let my big tits out, twisting my nipples and telling me just how naughty i’ve been. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it now, i wish that hand was exploring my little panties right now and tickling my throbbing clit. I mean, after all, i’m all dressed up to be fucked so it’d be rude to miss the opportunity!

Inside my panties his finger goes, sliding up into my wet pussy. My pussy juice would be dripping all over his fingers and he’d know i was ready to fuck long and hard. Oh god i’m driving myself so wild now, i need to get out of these binds so i can fuck hard!

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My lips need to be wrapped around a hard cock right now and i just can’t stop thinking about it. Fortunately i’ve got a guest coming over later and i know he loves it when i’m being a naughty crossdresser slut and taking his hard cock deep into my slutty tgirl mouth. He knows i’m the best at sucking dick and never misses a chance.

I put plenty of slutty make up on my tranny lips, just too look like a real slut as i know that’s what he likes. I rub my tongue in a circular motion of my ruby red lips and then move down to his cock. I suck on the tip of his dick, making him moan and groan. My red lips soaking wet with saliva and pre-cum. He has such a beautiful dick and i need it deeper in my mouth.

I suck every drop that comes out of the tip as i give him the blowjob of his life, every inch of his hard cock is covered in my saliva and it just makes it easier for me to deepthroat him. I can feel his cock start to tremble and i know he’s about to unload in my throat. I brace myself but i’m ready to drink everything that comes out of his sexy cock.

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How would you like to be involved in my horny crossdresser orgies? You could get sucked and fuck so many of my slutty tranny girls or even myself if you’re very lucky. We don’t hold back either when it comes to our parties, the moment there’s a hardcock available, we’re all over it in more ways then one! Personally i love to suck cock hard first before i get my tgirl tush fucked though.

I love making these hard cocks all wet with my slippery tgirl tongue and the taste of the pre-cum always makes me crazy. I can feel my transvestite ass relaxing and i know i’m ready for some hard dick inside me, you know you want to be the first to fuck me tonight so what are you waiting for? I want that big, hard cock of yours deep in my transvestite ass.

I’ll give you the ride of your life and i want stop until i’ve milked your big dick dry. I want your hot cum dripping out of my tight little pink tranny hole. Can you satisfy me like i need to be? I’m salivating at the thought of it. I need you, right here and right now!

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Short, black mini skirts always look fucking great on me because of my long crossdresser legs and fantastic little ass.I love sliping into a night tight one and showing off this gorgeous crossdresser body of mine. I’ll spend hours prancing around showing off these great transvestite legs and catching all the boys looking at me, just like you are right now!

I know you can’t take your eyes off my natural tranny curves and you’re just dying to get a glimpse of my sweet ass. Why don’t i help you out a little then? I’ll just lift up this tight little skirt and you can play with with big rod while you watch me. Oops, my tgirl shaft is hard, what am i going to do with that?

Hmm, well seeing as you’re rubbing that huge member of yours already, i may aswell join you. It feels so naughty doing it at the same time as you and i know you’re eager to come over here now and fuck my tight crossdresser ass all night. See how hard my crossdresser cock is right now? I’m ready for you, so what are you waiting for?

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There’s a hot new black guy that’s moved into my apartment block this week and i’ve been waiting for my chance to get my transvestite claws into him! He’s tall, muscular and i’ve definately seen a big bulge in his tight pants. I cornered him in the elevator earlier and soon enough it wasn’t the only thing going down. He’d been making eyes at my sexy tranny body for sometime so i knew it was on!

I got him back to my apartment and he pushed my head towards his monster member. He told me he wanted a filthy crossdresser slut to suck him day and i always deliver. His monster cock barely fit in my slutty tgirl mouth but i managed it eventually, he tasted like candy and i drank all the hot cum down that he could deliver.

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Candi Love Doll, Blonde, Tranny, Tgirl, Transvestite, Crossdresser, Lingerie, Thong, Shoes, Feet, Slut, Stockings, Mini Skirt, Whip, Bondage

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I’m really quite into my bondage and whips at the moment! I’ve spent so long being a pretty little crossdresser wench that i felt like a change, i felt like being in control and completely dominant. I needed the perfect outfit for this so i put on my favourite Knee High Leather boots to cover my transvestite legs and some see through panties to give you a peak at my naughty tgirl rod.

With a leather corset on also, all i need is my whip and i’m ready to give out some punishment. My whip cracks as i whirl it in the air, ready to give out some hardcore tranny punishment. Who wants to be dominated? I’m so fiesty right now and it’s making my tgirl rod nice and hard. I need a horny submissive cd whore to suck my tgirl shaft dry as i punish them and tell them what a filthy little crossdresser slut they are. Rawr!

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I love getting my hard cock jerked quickly while i’m wearing the most frilly knickers i can find. The hand grips tighly to my hard cock and the friction of the soft, frilly panties on my big dick just drives me wild. I feel like such a sissy in these panties but the size my cock gets makes me feel like a real man.

My wife was cautious about my pantie love before but now she knows how much i love it when she wanks me hard as i wear her panties, she’s come around to the idea. She always gets such a hard fucking once i’m dressed up in her sexiest underwear so now’s there’s definately no complaints. Being a pantie boy really does have it’s advantages!

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Tonight i’ve ordered myself a filthy transvestite escort for the night to do everything and anything my naughty crossdresser heart desired. I was certainly going to get my fill from this transvestite tease, the moment she walked into my house i noticed how much of a dirty tgirl slut,  she was as the denim skirt she had on did nothing to hide that fact that she had no panties on!

Perfect i thought as i smacked her ass when she walked backed me. She looked over her shoulder and simply said to me, like a real tranny tart, , “harder”. That was it, i order this tranny tart,  onto her knees straight away and she was smiling like the cat who got the cream. She had no idea that soon she’d be getting my cream all over her dirty little face and tight little asshole. What a crossdresser slut, , lovely.

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Zoe Fuck Puppet, Big Cock, Nylons, Stockings, Crossdresser, Tgirl, Tranny, Transvestite, Boots, Fur

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I got into the V.I.P lounge last night and i just had to share my experience. I got dressed up like a real crossdresser slut and even if i say so myself, i looked fantastic! I wore a sexy sequeen dress that barely hid my sexy tranny ass and 10 inch cock. Also an absolutely gorgeous pair of black stockings and knee high boots with a fur coat to top it all off.

I wrapped myself up tight in my new fur and with my sexy make up done, this little crossdresser slut was ready to go. I was looking so good that i just got ushered straight into the club and given the keys to the V.I.P. Sexy men and women everywhere started making me feel like a naughty tranny wench and i knew it was time to show how much of a tranny wench i really am.

The music was slow and sexy and i could see couples making out everywhere, i sat back on the red sofa and hitched my skirt up, no panties tonight so my shaft was hard and free. I began yanking as i was wathcing all this kissing around me and started turning heads. No one mentioned a thing as i yanked my hard shaft but i could see i was turning the crowd on. Maybe i’ll let you know how the night ended sometime.

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