Sissy Faggot MP3My sissification mp3 , “The Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song” is back and updated for 2016!  I’ve had so many sissy bois ask Me to bring this humiliation mp3 back that I just couldn’t resist.

In this ridiculous humiliation sissy audio recording, I sing and chant and taunt you like the pathetic little bitch boi that you are.  I call you a loser, a faggot, a pansy, a cock whore, a cum eater and every other emasculating thing I can think of.

Your little sissy dick will love it as I sing in your ear the words that both excite and humiliate you:  You’re a sissy, sissy faggot… a sissy, sissy faggot!


AUDIO EFFECTS: Some slight reverb to make My singing and taunting you even more emasculating and humiliating.

5 minutes and 56 seconds of embarrassing and ridiculously hot sissy humiliation.

Sissy Faggot MP3

Sniff Mt Dirty Panties MP3I know you want to Sniff and Lick My Panties, you pervert!  Check out My hot new FemDom MP3.  I know you want to stick your nose and tongue into My dirty panties.  The delicious aroma wafting from My dirty panties is just too tempting.  Pick them up, panty sniffer.  Lick and Sniff My Dirty Panties.  So yummy!


Sniff My Panties FemDom MP3

AUDIO EFFECTS: Reverb and repeating echo effects added to My very sexy voice will swim around in your brain and fuck with your head.

8 minutes, 1 second.

Buy My hot FemDom MP3 now, panty sniffer.  You will love the mind fuck effects.  Stick your nose into My panties… slide your tongue out of your mouth… lick My delicious panties, you pervert!

I Know You Want Cock Sissy Boi! MP3I Know You Want Cock is My latest FemDom MP3… and I do know that you want cock, sissy boi!  You crave a hard, throbbing, juicy, delicious cock all the time!  Give in to your sissy cock sucking cravings!  Why do you even try to be a man, sissy boi?

Buy My hot FemDom MP3 now and experience the Princess Jewel mind fuck.  Hehe.  We both know that you are not a man and that the cravings you have for cock get stronger all the time.  Surrender to Me and buy My MP3 now, sissy boi!


I Know You Want Cock FemDom MP3

AUDIO EFFECTS:  Very slight reverb adds a sexy fullness to My voice. Also a low volume, mind-fuck background message.

9 minutes 22 seconds.

Surrender to Me. Surrender to your sissy boi cravings to suck cock. Buy My MP3 now!

Sissy Rick is a pathetic wimpy sissy loser.  His ridiculous little dick makes him obsessed with getting his name and pictures all over the internet.  What a dork!  So here is his pic for the whole world to see.

He is infatuated with a girl who won’t give him the time of day.  It’s only a matter of time until she finds out all about him and sees all of his pix.  He really deserves to be exposed for the wimpy jackass that he is.  When she figures out who he is, she’ll prolly make her boyfriend beat him up and force him to wear high heels while all her friends laugh at him.

Poor Ricky will never be a real man.  He’s just a loser and a wimpy, sissy jack ass.


sissy panty boy

Sissy panty boy’s secret sex toys aren’t such a secret anymore.  Hehe.  I have been tormenting Screwdriver Boy for quite a while now and really love to make him squirm.  He sent Me this picture of his sissy panties and of the screwdriver that he shoves up his ass a while ago, and since I had so much fun tormenting  him the other night, I figured it was about time to post it.

I really fucked with his head the other night too.  Those of you who know Me will know just how much I love to crawl inside your sissy faggot heads and give you a total mind fuck.  Anyway, I had sissy panty boy eating out of the palm of My hand.  So much so that he had to call Me a second time a little while after he squirted to squirt a second sissy load.  Hehe.

I really took him deeper into his sissy fetish too.  I seduced him into feeling weak and safe and then really pushed his boundaries.  I kept telling him that it was safe to let out his secret perversions with Me – that no one would ever know how much he wants to be a panty boy and how much he loves fucking his ass with that screw driver.  No one except Me and him – and every one who reads My blog.  Haha.

Poor little girly bitch was totally helpless and totally excited.  I loved making him squirm for Me like that.  I own his silly little mind and his horny little dicklet too.  Now he won’t be able to resist Me at all!

Sissy phone sexDo you poor little sissy bitches have tight little blue balls right now?  Do you actually have to have vanilla sex to spew your goo?  Hehe.  Well, here is another way that you can get in touch with Me to relieve those little blue balls and get back to the real you – the sissy you.

Phone Encounters is a phone sex site similar to the one that you may be used to.  It’s easy and free to sign up.  You can get some more information about it here.  I’ll be getting My listings and recordings approved over the next few days, so keep a look out for new stuff from Me on Phone Encounters. Talk to you soon, sissy boyz!

I was just having fun browsing vids on YouTube when I came across this video:  Sissies Gone Wild!  Hahahaha!  This is one of the funniest sissy videos I have seen in a while.  What a bunch of ridiculous sissy sluts!  You have to check it out.  While you are watching it, sissy boy, think about the fact that you are just as ridiculous looking as they are.  Put on your frilly sissy panties and get ready to Go Wild!  HAHAHAHA!

Shaving all that yucky boy hair off of your body is a very important step in your feminization and sissification.  You will be amazed at the difference you will feel with soft, smooth, sexy sissy legs!  Everything will feel different against them.  All day long, as your pants and socks rub against your hairless legs, you’ll feel how smoooooth they are and you’ll be reminded that you are not a real man – you are a sissy!

The best way to get a good shave is to soften up the hair and skin.  You will also need a pink razor and girly shaving cream.  Take a trip to the drug store and get a good quality girly shaving cream and razor.  Don’t cheap out on this or you will shred your legs.  This is not a good look for a sissy.  You are ridiculous enough already.

While you are at the store, you might as well get some bubble bath and some flowery body lotion.  If you soak in a nice hot tub that will help to soften up your hair for a good shave.  To really add to the feminization of the shaving ritual, take a glass of wine and a magazine in the tub with you.  Light a few candles, roll up a towel to use as a neck pillow and unwind as you sink into the warm bath!  What a sissy, sissy faggot!

If possible, you may want to trim some of the length of your leg hair off before you get into the tub.  You can try an electric trimmer.   Make sure to hold it away from your skin, though.  You only want to shorten the hair, then use the blade to shave close.  Try to leave about 1/4 inch of hair.

Start at your ankles and work your way up your slutty leg.  Don’t press to hard and go easy around the curves!  Use plenty of shaving cream, but keep rinsing the razor.  Don’t let it get all mucked up with hair and shaving cream.  When you get to your knees, take it slow and use a light touch.  It’s easy to nick yourself here.

Continue all the way up to your sissy clit and make sure that is hairless too. As you shave, go over the skin with your free hand, making sure you have not missed any spots.  Don’t go over any one spot too many times, though, you may irritate your skin.

Maybe next time you take a sissy beauty bath you can have your brightly polished toes sticking out of the bubbles!  For now, rinse off and gently pat yourself dry.  Make sure to do it in a swishy way.  This will help your sissification!  When dry, but still moist and a little damp slather your whorish body with lots of body lotion.  Caress yourself as you do it.  Mmmm!  Soooo smooooth!

If your skin is sensitive, wait a day or two to shave your stubble again.  But remember, a sissy should not have stubbly legs.  There is nothing sexier than smooth, moisturized, shapely legs.  Just wait until you slip a pair of stockings onto your new sissified legs.  Enjoy!  Hehe.

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It is very important for sissy boys to have lovely manicures and pedicures. Even if your sissy nails can not be polished, they must be well groomed and manicured at all times! For those of you girly boys who actually have not gotten your nails done yet, you will be surprised at how feminine it makes you feel. And those of you who haven’t gotten your nails done yet, give yourselves a spank. That’s very naughty!

Seeing nicely shaped nails with groomed cuticles at the end of your cock stroking hands is going to make you feel very sissified. If you can not go to a salon to have your sissi-cure, then go to the drug store and get a nail grooming kit. Make sure to get emery boards, cuticle conditioner, cuticle clippers and girly smelling hand lotion. While you are there, get some whore-red nail polish and matching lipstick too.

You will have to practice a bit to get used to shaping your nails.  As you get better at it, you will find that you do not need to keep your nails long, you can keep them with just a tiny bit of white showing at the tip yet they will still look feminine when properly cared for!

You will also have to practice giving yourself a pedicure.  You will love making a bowl of popcorn, sitting in your sissy panties and bra and doing your nails one night.  Hehe.  Since you are not a girl, and you are only a ridiculous sissy bitch, you must wear very slutty and bright nail polish so that everybody knows what a whore you are.  It should match your lipstick and the general color scheme of your outfit.

A proper sissy boy will have his toenails polished and groomed at all times.  If you can not keep your toe nails polished, then get them buffed and pedicured.  You will notice the difference right away and you will love the way it makes you feel!

For those times that you have a while to yourself to play, buy yourself a set of fake nails.  You will absolutely love how they make your girly hands look and feel.  You will be surprised at how quickly you start to move your hands in a more feminine manner with your new sissy finger nails.

Tips for lovely sissy fingernails and toenails:

  • Use the emery boards to GENTLY shape your nails.
  • Keep your cuticles oiled and trimmed.
  • Carry an emery board with you in case a nail gets jagged.
  • Keep your girly  boy hands and feet soft at all times with flowery hand lotion.
  • Go to the salon as often as possible for a sissy manicure and pedicure.
  • Trim all icky boy hair on your fingers or toes.

Have fun with your new girly hands and feet!  Hehe.  Be patient and practice and you can have pretty sissy hands for cock stroking and sexy sissy feet for strutting around in high heeled sandals like a whore!