It is very important for sissy boys to have lovely manicures and pedicures. Even if your sissy nails can not be polished, they must be well groomed and manicured at all times! For those of you girly boys who actually have not gotten your nails done yet, you will be surprised at how feminine it makes you feel. And those of you who haven’t gotten your nails done yet, give yourselves a spank. That’s very naughty!

Seeing nicely shaped nails with groomed cuticles at the end of your cock stroking hands is going to make you feel very sissified. If you can not go to a salon to have your sissi-cure, then go to the drug store and get a nail grooming kit. Make sure to get emery boards, cuticle conditioner, cuticle clippers and girly smelling hand lotion. While you are there, get some whore-red nail polish and matching lipstick too.

You will have to practice a bit to get used to shaping your nails.  As you get better at it, you will find that you do not need to keep your nails long, you can keep them with just a tiny bit of white showing at the tip yet they will still look feminine when properly cared for!

You will also have to practice giving yourself a pedicure.  You will love making a bowl of popcorn, sitting in your sissy panties and bra and doing your nails one night.  Hehe.  Since you are not a girl, and you are only a ridiculous sissy bitch, you must wear very slutty and bright nail polish so that everybody knows what a whore you are.  It should match your lipstick and the general color scheme of your outfit.

A proper sissy boy will have his toenails polished and groomed at all times.  If you can not keep your toe nails polished, then get them buffed and pedicured.  You will notice the difference right away and you will love the way it makes you feel!

For those times that you have a while to yourself to play, buy yourself a set of fake nails.  You will absolutely love how they make your girly hands look and feel.  You will be surprised at how quickly you start to move your hands in a more feminine manner with your new sissy finger nails.

Tips for lovely sissy fingernails and toenails:

  • Use the emery boards to GENTLY shape your nails.
  • Keep your cuticles oiled and trimmed.
  • Carry an emery board with you in case a nail gets jagged.
  • Keep your girly  boy hands and feet soft at all times with flowery hand lotion.
  • Go to the salon as often as possible for a sissy manicure and pedicure.
  • Trim all icky boy hair on your fingers or toes.

Have fun with your new girly hands and feet!  Hehe.  Be patient and practice and you can have pretty sissy hands for cock stroking and sexy sissy feet for strutting around in high heeled sandals like a whore!


If you have been following My sissy make up lessons, you should be really getting the hang of how to apply sissy make up by now.  You will have learned all about how to cover your icky boy beard stubble, how to choose and apply eyeshadow and how to pick the best lipstick for that sissy faggot whore effect.

Today’s sissy make up lesson is all about eye liner and mascara.  They are subtle, but they can create some stunning results.  Well, stunning results on a girl, that is.  But, never the less, eye liner and mascara will have a big impact on your sissy face and eyes.

I found the perfect ‘how to’ for applying eye liner.  Of course, this lesson is for girls.  But that’s what you want to be, isn’t it.  Hehe.  So take some time and check out the eyeliner lesson.  It gives you great tips for choosing colors.  For example, if you have blue eyes, a rich sable brown will work well.  For green eyes, purples are great.

If you want to create a soft, smokey sexy effect for your sissy eyes, choose an eye pencil.  Try it on the back of your hand and see if it applies well with a some what light touch.  If it doesn’t apply smoothly on the back of your hand, it won’t apply smoothly on your sissy whore eyes either.  Besides, being a sissy is embarrassing and emasculating.  Standing in the make up aisle of a drug store (you can get more expensive sissy make up when you have learned the application techniques) testing eye liners will certainly cause you to feel humiliated and emasculated.  If you buy a pencil for your sissy eyes, don’t forget to buy a sharpener.

Check out the liquid eye liners too.  They are great for creating a sharper, crisper sissy slut eye.  It will take some practice to learn to apply liquid eye liner well, so you might want to start with a pencil.  Either way, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.  You’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make to your eyes.  Check out the tips I mentioned and when practicing, remember that the purpose of eye liner is to define and shape eyes, yet make them look bigger and sexier.  In your case, sluttier.  Practice applying the eye liner a few times before applying eye shadow.  Once you get the hang of it, liner goes over shadow.  As with all make up, remember, less is more.  Almay has some great new eye color coordinated liners, mascaras and shadows.

Mascara will complete your sissy slut eye make up!  This site has some great tips for application of mascara.  There are lots of types of mascara to choose from.  Some extend lashes, some thicken lashes, some make eyes look bigger.  You probably have no idea what type of mascara you should buy.  So for now, just buy a basic mascara.  Follow the guide lines for color and practice.

With mascara more than anything else, I think, remember the rule – less is more!  You don’t want ugly clumps of mascara clinging to your lashes.  You want beautiful, slutty sissy lashes which compliment your other sissy eye make up.  New mascaras will tend to  be gloppy.  Use the sides of the tube to wipe off excess.  Then, starting with your outer, upper lashes, add a thin coat from base to tip.  Keep some q-tips handy so you can correct mistakes as you paractice.  Check out these tips, then experiment with your sissy make up.  You’ll feel like such a hot, humiliated girly boy!

You may call Me as you play with your new girly make up toys and tell Me all about what you are doing, how it makes you look and how it makes you feel!  You’re such a sissy!

Learning how to choose and apply your make up is a very important part of your sissy training.  In this sissy lesson, I will teach you all about foundation and concealers.

Foundation and concealer are both very important parts of the sissy make up routine.  Get them right and you will look like a hot, ridiculous, sissy slut.  Get them wrong and you will look only ridiculous.  So, take a little time to practice your sissy make up!

I found a great store on Ebay for sissy make up and other items.  Take a look at their different make up products.  You will notice that they have stage quality foundation for sissies, pressed powder and concealer.  It seems as if the concealer would also serve as a foundation if your skin is fairly clear.  I would think with all that jerking off, your skin should be smooth as a sissy’s bottom.

Concealer for sissies and cross dressers is the first step.  Choose a shade of concealer that matches your skin.  Remember, you will be using it to cover under eye circles, blemishes, etc.  If you have to choose, go a shade lighter so that the concealer will brighten up your sissy face.  Use it and all make up sparingly!  Even though you are a cheap sissy whore, you must still look your best.  Less is more.  Dab the concealer on lightly using your finger or a make up sponge.  Use it only on small spots that need a little extra help, as I mentioned above.  Make sure to blend it well.  You should already be seeing a new, girlier, sissier you!

The next step in sissy make up application is to cover that icky boy beard stubble.  You will notice that the foundations offered by this store are stage quality and won’t melt.  This means that the foundation will offer extra coverage to get rid of that sissy stubble, but will not smear or run if you get, well, um, hot and bothered.  You’ll want to apply sissy foundation to your entire faggot face with a make up sponge.  You can get them at any drug store.  Make sure to always use a clean one.  Dab some of the foundation onto the sponge and start to lightly apply it to your sissy face.  Use two thin layers over anything that needs extra coverage.  Make sure to blend it down your jaw line and just onto your neck.  When choosing a color, use the same method as above and your sissy face will glow!

You will have to practice several times in order to really get the hang of applying make up.  It is all part of your sissy training and sissification.  If you want to be a proper crossdressing girly slut, you must not skip any part of your sissification or sissy training.

You should really be seeing a new side to yourself by now.  Lol.  Once you have applied your sissy concealer and foundation, you’ll need to set it with pressed powder.  Choose the color of the powder in the same way I mentioned above and apply lightly.  It should come with a sponge-type applicator.  Make sure to get new, clean ones every so often.  Applying the powder evenly all over your sissy face (and neck if you like) will complete your look.  It will absorb any oil you might have in your skin and it will help the concealer and sissy foundation to stay in place.  The pressed powder will give your face that perfect finishing touch.

If you have been following My other sissy make up lessons, you might be ready to add some blush and eye make up.  You might want to practice a bit with your eye and cheek make up before using it over foundation.  If you fuck it up, it will be harder to fix with make up underneath it.

Keep practicing with your make up.  It is a very important part of your sissy training.  Wearing make up is quite emasuclating and I think you’re going to love how it make you look.  I know I will!  Hehehe.  Good luck, sissy sluts!

Choosing the right lipstick can be one of the most important things a sissy slut can do.  After all, you do want hot, perfect cock sucking lips, don’t you?  You sissy faggot sluts are so lucky to have Me.  Once again your Princess has scoured the internet and I have cum up with a couple of good websites for tips on picking the perfect lipstick.

First, check out this site.  It gives great tips on colors and how to choose a shade.  The website talks about how to wear subtle lipstick for a natural look and also how to spice it up for a night on the town.  Hmm… which should we choose for sissy bitches?  Lol.  Of course you will choose bright, shiny, slutty colors for your lipstick.  You are a sissy whore – what else would you choose?

If you really want those lips to stand out like sissy faggot cock sucking lips should, you can also check this site.  There are lots of tips here for just which shade and type of lipstick you should choose for your sissy lips.  As you learn and experiment with the right look for you, you can buy better quality make up.  For now, stick to basic drug store brands, but don’t go for the real cheap crap.  Lol.

If you have thin lips, or want to accentuate those cock suckers, you will also want to buy lip liner.  Lip liner is NOT supposed to be a separate color from your lipstick – it should be just a little bit darker.  Experiment with the lip liner to make your lips appear fuller or to correct their shape.  You are a sissy sissy faggot.  Getting these sissy faggot lips just right is very important!

More lessons cuming soon!  Don’t forget to call Me and tell Me all about your make up adventures!

I love these sissy captions!  Just the right amount of humiliation for slutty little sissy whores.

Sissy cock sucker

Don’t you wish this was you?  Sissy faggot lipstick smeared all over your face?  Hehe.  Cum dripping all over you and your sissy panties all wet and sticky.  What a cock sucking sissy whore!  You need to be used like a sissy fuck hole.

Want more sissy captions and humiliation?  Click here.

If you have been following My sissy make up tips, you will have learned a little bit about what color eye shadows look good on your eyes.  Hopefully, you stood up straight, held your sissy faggot head up high and went to the drug store to buy some eyeshadow!

Now you need some tips for how to apply the eyeshadow, don’t you, sissy boy?  I found another great website that has some terrific make up tips.  Unfortunately, this is a website for women, not sissies.  So, you’ll just have to use a little excess makeup to get the correct sissy whore effect.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, it will give you some techniques for applying eyeshadow.  Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t cum out well at first, sissy boy.  Most girls have been playing with make up all their lives – you a most likely a beginner.  Plus – you are not a girl.  You are a sissy.

If you are want a sluttier and more dramatic look (ya’ think?), after you have done some practicing, try this technique.  Learning how to make your eyes into smokey slutty eyes will really help your transformation from sissy boy to sissy girl.  Lol.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so you should apply your new eye make up as often as possible.  Soon you will have the technique you need to transform your eyes into flirty, sexy, slutty, sissy, faggot, whore eyes.  Hehe.  More sissy make up tips cuming soon!

I know you sissy sluts think about wearing make up.  But you really haven’t had the same sort of opportunities to experiment with make up, foundations and lip stick the way real girls have.  Hehe.  If you were a real girl, you probably wouldn’t need this type of sissy make up lesson.  But since you are a girly boy, I will give you some tips!

I found this web page which describes very simply which eye shadow colors work with which color eyes.  I know you all want to have big sexy smokey slutty eyes.  I know hot hot you get when you think about using make up to transform your girly boy face into a true sissy girl.  Hehe.

If you were really a girl, I would suggest getting some of the more muted colors mentioned which would look good with your eyes.  But you are not a girl, you are a sissy slut.  You are a sissy whore, so make sure to get the brightest colors mentioned.

Go into a large drug store and slink over to the cosmetics aisle, like a good sissy slut.  You will be able to find eye shadow sets which have a variety of eyeshadows in the appropriate colors.  Get a set with a bunch of colors so that you can experiment.  We want to make sure that your sissy faggot face looks as girly as possible.  While you are in the drug store, get a tube of basic black mascara and an eyeliner pencil that matches your eye shadow colors.  If chosing eye liner for your new sissy make up kit is too confusing, just get a medium brown eyeliner pencil for now – that will work with most colors.  Don’t forget that you may need a sharpener for the eye pencil.

Call Me when you have purchased your make up, I have a feeling you might be a little excited.  Lol.

Of course you do!  I just found a really cool product to help My sissy sluts feel more girly.  If you really want to be a girly girl, you’ll have to trim up those nasty boy pubic hairs all nice and neat.  But make sure that you leave a little patch.  ‘Cause now you can dye it bright pink with this!

What a great idea!  A nice hot pink patch over your clitty dicklet to make you feel even more like a sissy faggot slut!  You  can even get stencils so that you can have a nice heart shaped patch of sissy hair.

What a great idea!  The products are reasonably priced too.  I have never used them, so I can’t truely endorse the sissy pubic hair dye, but they seem to have some good reviews.  So, My sissy sluts and bitches, give this pubic hair dye a chance and send Me some feedback – or better yet – pictures!

I can think of a few sluts right off the top of My head who would be perfect for this.  TinkerBallerina for one, and Sissy Joy for another.  In fact, I think faggot fiesta boy would do well with this too.  There are more of you I can think of who would be perfect for sissy pink pussy hair:  bottle boy, gay bitch and secret gay boy to name a few more.  Hehe.  Don’t be offended, sissy faggot if I have left your name out.  There are LOTS more of you who need to have HOT PINK PUSSY PUBIC HAIR!  Hehe.  You sluts are so much fun.  🙂

I have been searching the internet for the best links for My sissy sluts.  I have found so many links to help transform you girly bitches into pretty sissy sluts.  And lots of links for sissy porn, tranny porn, and for the occasional times that you might feel like a real man, regular porn!

For now, here is a site I found that specializes in make overs for special girls. 😉  They feature everything from foundation to cover your sissy stubble to eyebrow concealers, lipstick, eyeshadow and more.

Visit TGCosmetics for some great make up and great make up tips for sissy sluts.  I am not endorsing the site, nor have I ever used their cosmetics, but I think My sissy bitches will find it very interesting.

This page give tons of beauty tips and make up lessons.  If you are a sissy slut and you want to start experimenting with make up, I suggest you take a look at these tips.  It takes lots of practice to be able to apply make up well, so start practicing!

My girly boys and sissy sluts will be amazed at how much a little bit of make up will transform your cheeks, eyes and face.  Even though most of you are faggot whores, you still do not want to wind up looking like a shemale clown.  Remember, when using make up – less is more.

So if you are ready to take the next slinky, sexy, high-heeled step, be a good girl and check out the sissy make up at TGCosmetics.