I got a phone sex call from one of My regular sissy faggots earlier tonight.  It’s one of the sissy sluts that I enjoy speaking to, because I always seem to be able to reach into his brain and pull out an awesome mind fuck.  Hehe.  Our phone sex calls always end with him being completely out of breath and totally amazed at how hard his sissy stick shot it’s cum.

Click to see this video of a faggot sucking big black cock!This faggot always calls Me with porn music blasting in the background.  It’s kinda hard not to recognize that music – lol!  But it’s not regular porn that he is watching – it’s always gay porn.  So tonight, I made him tell Me over and over that he is My ‘Secret Gay Boy’ over and over again.  Every time he said it, he got hotter and hotter.After he said that he is My secret gay boy a bunch of times, I had to really emphasise the ‘gay’ part.  I asked him where he wants the first cock.  In his mooouuuth, he groaned.  I asked him where he wanted the second cock.  In his puuuussssy, he moaned!  When I asked him if he wanted to third cock to spray ropes of cum all over his gay cock sucking face, he almost shot his little dicklet to the ceiling.  Lol.

I started describing how it would feel to have a man’s body fucking him.  What it would be like to see every muscle move and contract as he gets fucked.  What it would be like to feel the man stubble on his face as he kisses the guy like a secret gay boy.Phone sex for sissy faggot gay boys

It was great.  I love having you sissy faggot phone sex sluts in the palm of My hands.  I love finding exactly which buttons to push.  And I love driving you over the edge.  Or denying you completely.  Hahaha.  I got My secret gay boy so totally worked up that I knew he was very close to squirting his gay cum all over himself.

I made him say that he is My secret gay btich over and over as he shot his gay cum all over the place.  Of course, as usual, he wound up panting and out of breath.  As usual, he couldn’t believe how hard his gay little clitty dick came.  And he REALLY can’t believe how gay he is!

So, if you are a secret gay boy too, call Me on NiteFlirt.  If you are new to NiteFlirt your first call is free.  If not, I’ll just have to give you an unbelievable mind fuck!  😉

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