If you have been following My sissy make up lessons, you should be really getting the hang of how to apply sissy make up by now.  You will have learned all about how to cover your icky boy beard stubble, how to choose and apply eyeshadow and how to pick the best lipstick for that sissy faggot whore effect.

Today’s sissy make up lesson is all about eye liner and mascara.  They are subtle, but they can create some stunning results.  Well, stunning results on a girl, that is.  But, never the less, eye liner and mascara will have a big impact on your sissy face and eyes.

I found the perfect ‘how to’ for applying eye liner.  Of course, this lesson is for girls.  But that’s what you want to be, isn’t it.  Hehe.  So take some time and check out the eyeliner lesson.  It gives you great tips for choosing colors.  For example, if you have blue eyes, a rich sable brown will work well.  For green eyes, purples are great.

If you want to create a soft, smokey sexy effect for your sissy eyes, choose an eye pencil.  Try it on the back of your hand and see if it applies well with a some what light touch.  If it doesn’t apply smoothly on the back of your hand, it won’t apply smoothly on your sissy whore eyes either.  Besides, being a sissy is embarrassing and emasculating.  Standing in the make up aisle of a drug store (you can get more expensive sissy make up when you have learned the application techniques) testing eye liners will certainly cause you to feel humiliated and emasculated.  If you buy a pencil for your sissy eyes, don’t forget to buy a sharpener.

Check out the liquid eye liners too.  They are great for creating a sharper, crisper sissy slut eye.  It will take some practice to learn to apply liquid eye liner well, so you might want to start with a pencil.  Either way, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.  You’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make to your eyes.  Check out the tips I mentioned and when practicing, remember that the purpose of eye liner is to define and shape eyes, yet make them look bigger and sexier.  In your case, sluttier.  Practice applying the eye liner a few times before applying eye shadow.  Once you get the hang of it, liner goes over shadow.  As with all make up, remember, less is more.  Almay has some great new eye color coordinated liners, mascaras and shadows.

Mascara will complete your sissy slut eye make up!  This site has some great tips for application of mascara.  There are lots of types of mascara to choose from.  Some extend lashes, some thicken lashes, some make eyes look bigger.  You probably have no idea what type of mascara you should buy.  So for now, just buy a basic mascara.  Follow the guide lines for color and practice.

With mascara more than anything else, I think, remember the rule – less is more!  You don’t want ugly clumps of mascara clinging to your lashes.  You want beautiful, slutty sissy lashes which compliment your other sissy eye make up.  New mascaras will tend to  be gloppy.  Use the sides of the tube to wipe off excess.  Then, starting with your outer, upper lashes, add a thin coat from base to tip.  Keep some q-tips handy so you can correct mistakes as you paractice.  Check out these tips, then experiment with your sissy make up.  You’ll feel like such a hot, humiliated girly boy!

You may call Me as you play with your new girly make up toys and tell Me all about what you are doing, how it makes you look and how it makes you feel!  You’re such a sissy!

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