sissy panty boy phone sexI love driving you sissy panty boys crazy.  And I think it’s so funny when you can’t control yourselves because you love being My sissy bitches so much.  I just spoke to Screwdriver Boy.  Hadn’t tormented him in a while, so he was really ripe.  Hehe.

Every time he calls Me, I completely humiliate and emasculate him.  It gets his little sissy dick sooooo hard.  He is always wearing panties for our phone sex calls, cause he knows he has no use as a man.  So tonight I had him rub his screw driver against his little cock in his panties and tell it how much he wants it to fuck his ass for Me.

Now, if you have never read about Screwdriver Boy, I’ll give you a quick hint about what I usually make him do:  I make him fuck his sissy ass pussy with the screw driver (his idea, not Mine) while he tells Me how much he loves Me.  Ok, so that wasn’t really a hint.  Lol.

Anyway, after I made him rub his panties with the screw driver, I was about to make him hump his little panty bump against his mattress and shove the screw driver handle up his ass, but he just got too excited.  Hahaha!  All of a sudden, I heard sissy panty boy say “Princess…  Princess…!”  and I knew he had creamed his pathetic little panties.

Hehe.  I love it when you sissy panty boys lose control.  Those ridiculous little dicks of yours may control your entire lives, but I control your ridiculous little dicks.  😉
If you want Me to control your silly little sissy dick, call Me on NiteFlirt now!

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