Choosing the right lipstick can be one of the most important things a sissy slut can do.  After all, you do want hot, perfect cock sucking lips, don’t you?  You sissy faggot sluts are so lucky to have Me.  Once again your Princess has scoured the internet and I have cum up with a couple of good websites for tips on picking the perfect lipstick.

First, check out this site.  It gives great tips on colors and how to choose a shade.  The website talks about how to wear subtle lipstick for a natural look and also how to spice it up for a night on the town.  Hmm… which should we choose for sissy bitches?  Lol.  Of course you will choose bright, shiny, slutty colors for your lipstick.  You are a sissy whore – what else would you choose?

If you really want those lips to stand out like sissy faggot cock sucking lips should, you can also check this site.  There are lots of tips here for just which shade and type of lipstick you should choose for your sissy lips.  As you learn and experiment with the right look for you, you can buy better quality make up.  For now, stick to basic drug store brands, but don’t go for the real cheap crap.  Lol.

If you have thin lips, or want to accentuate those cock suckers, you will also want to buy lip liner.  Lip liner is NOT supposed to be a separate color from your lipstick – it should be just a little bit darker.  Experiment with the lip liner to make your lips appear fuller or to correct their shape.  You are a sissy sissy faggot.  Getting these sissy faggot lips just right is very important!

More lessons cuming soon!  Don’t forget to call Me and tell Me all about your make up adventures!

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