Sissy Faggot MP3My sissification mp3 , “The Sissy, Sissy Faggot Song” is back and updated for 2016!  I’ve had so many sissy bois ask Me to bring this humiliation mp3 back that I just couldn’t resist.

In this ridiculous humiliation sissy audio recording, I sing and chant and taunt you like the pathetic little bitch boi that you are.  I call you a loser, a faggot, a pansy, a cock whore, a cum eater and every other emasculating thing I can think of.

Your little sissy dick will love it as I sing in your ear the words that both excite and humiliate you:  You’re a sissy, sissy faggot… a sissy, sissy faggot!


AUDIO EFFECTS: Some slight reverb to make My singing and taunting you even more emasculating and humiliating.

5 minutes and 56 seconds of embarrassing and ridiculously hot sissy humiliation.

Sissy Faggot MP3

Sissy Rick is a pathetic wimpy sissy loser.  His ridiculous little dick makes him obsessed with getting his name and pictures all over the internet.  What a dork!  So here is his pic for the whole world to see.

He is infatuated with a girl who won’t give him the time of day.  It’s only a matter of time until she finds out all about him and sees all of his pix.  He really deserves to be exposed for the wimpy jackass that he is.  When she figures out who he is, she’ll prolly make her boyfriend beat him up and force him to wear high heels while all her friends laugh at him.

Poor Ricky will never be a real man.  He’s just a loser and a wimpy, sissy jack ass.


sissy panty boy

Sissy panty boy’s secret sex toys aren’t such a secret anymore.  Hehe.  I have been tormenting Screwdriver Boy for quite a while now and really love to make him squirm.  He sent Me this picture of his sissy panties and of the screwdriver that he shoves up his ass a while ago, and since I had so much fun tormenting  him the other night, I figured it was about time to post it.

I really fucked with his head the other night too.  Those of you who know Me will know just how much I love to crawl inside your sissy faggot heads and give you a total mind fuck.  Anyway, I had sissy panty boy eating out of the palm of My hand.  So much so that he had to call Me a second time a little while after he squirted to squirt a second sissy load.  Hehe.

I really took him deeper into his sissy fetish too.  I seduced him into feeling weak and safe and then really pushed his boundaries.  I kept telling him that it was safe to let out his secret perversions with Me – that no one would ever know how much he wants to be a panty boy and how much he loves fucking his ass with that screw driver.  No one except Me and him – and every one who reads My blog.  Haha.

Poor little girly bitch was totally helpless and totally excited.  I loved making him squirm for Me like that.  I own his silly little mind and his horny little dicklet too.  Now he won’t be able to resist Me at all!

sissy panty boy phone sexI love driving you sissy panty boys crazy.  And I think it’s so funny when you can’t control yourselves because you love being My sissy bitches so much.  I just spoke to Screwdriver Boy.  Hadn’t tormented him in a while, so he was really ripe.  Hehe.

Every time he calls Me, I completely humiliate and emasculate him.  It gets his little sissy dick sooooo hard.  He is always wearing panties for our phone sex calls, cause he knows he has no use as a man.  So tonight I had him rub his screw driver against his little cock in his panties and tell it how much he wants it to fuck his ass for Me.

Now, if you have never read about Screwdriver Boy, I’ll give you a quick hint about what I usually make him do:  I make him fuck his sissy ass pussy with the screw driver (his idea, not Mine) while he tells Me how much he loves Me.  Ok, so that wasn’t really a hint.  Lol.

Anyway, after I made him rub his panties with the screw driver, I was about to make him hump his little panty bump against his mattress and shove the screw driver handle up his ass, but he just got too excited.  Hahaha!  All of a sudden, I heard sissy panty boy say “Princess…  Princess…!”  and I knew he had creamed his pathetic little panties.

Hehe.  I love it when you sissy panty boys lose control.  Those ridiculous little dicks of yours may control your entire lives, but I control your ridiculous little dicks.  😉
If you want Me to control your silly little sissy dick, call Me on NiteFlirt now!

OMFG!   Hahahahahaha!  This sissy humiliation clip is only 12 seconds long, but it’s going to have Me laughing all day!  All of My sissy sluts should send Me vids of themselves as part of their sissification!  I could create quite a gallery of crossdressers and sissy sluts here on My blog!  Lololol!  Anyway, watch the clip.  Then do your owm version of the Sissy Dance!  Make sure you shake your ass and show your knickers!  Then call Me and do sing a sissy dance song to Me on the phone.  Hmmm… maybe something that goes like this?  “I’m a sissy, sissy faggot… sissy, sissy faggot!”  Try doing a sissy dance to that!  Hahahahaha!

Sissification by femdom babe

I love this Sissy Caption!  Hot leather clad femdom Mistress gets ready to emasculate her sissy bitch.  With his sissy clit in her hand, she is ready to shave him clean and turn him into her girly sissy whore.

Look at Mistress’ perfect body.  No sissy bitch is worthy of that hot pussy!

Want more sissy captions and humiliation?  Click here.

If you have been following My sissy make up tips, you will have learned a little bit about what color eye shadows look good on your eyes.  Hopefully, you stood up straight, held your sissy faggot head up high and went to the drug store to buy some eyeshadow!

Now you need some tips for how to apply the eyeshadow, don’t you, sissy boy?  I found another great website that has some terrific make up tips.  Unfortunately, this is a website for women, not sissies.  So, you’ll just have to use a little excess makeup to get the correct sissy whore effect.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, it will give you some techniques for applying eyeshadow.  Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t cum out well at first, sissy boy.  Most girls have been playing with make up all their lives – you a most likely a beginner.  Plus – you are not a girl.  You are a sissy.

If you are want a sluttier and more dramatic look (ya’ think?), after you have done some practicing, try this technique.  Learning how to make your eyes into smokey slutty eyes will really help your transformation from sissy boy to sissy girl.  Lol.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so you should apply your new eye make up as often as possible.  Soon you will have the technique you need to transform your eyes into flirty, sexy, slutty, sissy, faggot, whore eyes.  Hehe.  More sissy make up tips cuming soon!

If you have been reading My Sissy Faggot Phone Sex blog and you may have notice some referenHuge fucked up cum facialsces to My newest blog!  It’s called and it is devoted to nothing but, cream pies, facials and cum eating! I’m getting it started and have a picture gallery up and ready to be viewed. The first gallery is from “Fucked Up Facials”.  You have to check out these facials – they’re unbelievable!Huge fucked up cum facials. I would LOVE to see some of My faggot cum sluts getting drowned in cum like this. Take a look at this cum facial gallery – you’ll love it!

My new blog is very interactive.  After you register, you can write your own posts and leave comments and stuff like that in this new blog. I think we may wind up with a nice ring of phone sex blog.  Some of the NiteFlirt girls are going to be setting up this type of blog too.  Each will have a different niche.  We should all be able to register for any blog and write posts or comments.Cream pie and cum eaters blog

So go get a head start on this by registering and writing a post. Don’t worry, spelling and grammar don’t count. A few sentences to a long story are all acceptable! Let’s have some fun with this, bitches!


Princess Jewel

Some of the rules for this new blog will be absolutely no reference to incest, underage, beasiality and other extreme obsenities. Posting or commenting any thing of the sort will cause your account to me immediately removed. Also, rude or inflamatory remarks made by customers or by flirt will not be tolerated. this behavior will also cause your account to be terminated. If appropriate, you may be turned over the the appropriate authorities. So remember to be good little nasty girly depraved whores – justy don’t go over the edge. 😉

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I love sissy humiliation.  Be sure to catch the very end.

*Warning:  This video has sound!  😉

Shake your moneymaker, sissy slut!

I was just reading through some of My phone sex feedback on NiteFlirt and figured that since this is a new blog I would share some of it with you.  I just love controlling you horny sluts and really getting into your heads to find out just what your triggers are.  Hee, hee.  Then you are My addicted sluts for life!

Here are a couple of recent feedbacks that I particularly like:

“My resistance is essentially gone and has been replaced by acceptance. As I am drawn deepeer into the events of our sessions, I cum more explosively each time.”

“Amazing call, as always. I’ve given up any hope of resisting Princess. When I’m not talking with her, I’m thinking about talking with her.”

I love torturing him.  I can hear in his voice the combination of humiliation and undeniable ecstasy as I take him deeper and deeper.  Knowing that he is completely under My control and that I am making him more and more of a sissy bitch is HOT!

Then there’s this guy:

“Raised the rate and made me take my shorts off in the hotel hall and start Call NiteFlirt's Sissy Faggot Phone Sex Princessjerking off for her”

“when all was said and done–Jewel had raped another $700 from me and made me cum all over the dictionary in the room down the hall…on the page that said “loser”…I smeared it and then wiped the rest on my face for Jewel…and left it there all night. I’m telling you–she is creative and will make you forget about $$$ completely once you hear her voice and laugh!! I amd a Fool for Jewel Forever!!”

I have a great time abusing him.  Not only is he a sissy faggot, he is also a money pig, so that makes it even more fun for Me.  Not only do I get to strip this cock sucker of his pride and masculinity, I strip him of all his cash too.  Lol!

So, call Me if you dare, sissy bitch.  I think we will have a VERY good time.  😉