You all know that I am always looking for really hot sissy and femdom porn to post here.  Well, I just found a great new clip!  I absolutely LOVE the end!!  In fact, I have done this to a few of you.  Hehe.Tease and denial video

Click on the thumbnail to watch the video.  The way this girl tortures her slave is so hot.  I love the way she gets him right to the egde of cumming and blowing his pathetic load all over the place and then STOPS!

Listen to him begging her for permission to cum.  At the very end he is actually starting to cum, so when she stops stroking him, his helpless dick just oozes while he begs for release.  Hahaha!  This is one of the hottest clips I have seen in a while.  I love orgasm denial and ruined orgasms.  It’s one of My favorite ways to torture you sluts!