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This sissy caption is great!  I love the thought of one of My sissy sluts bent over a pool table in a short skirt!  That sissy whore ass would stick out and let everyone know that this sissy is for sale.  Cross dressers and cock suckers like that should do some dirty work.  Cock sucking and money making dirty work, that is!

sissy emasculationHow humiliating!  Lol.  I love this sissy caption.  Sissies must be continually emasculated and humiliated so that they don’t think they are real men, even for a minute.  Besides, I’m sure this hot girl has a stud cock to take care of her.  That only adds to your emasculation and humiliation!  You’ll never deserve such a hot girl!

sissy captions

Poor naughty sissy slut.  Hehe.  Have you been misbehaving?  You don’t want to be expelled from sissy school or have your sissy training cum to a halt do you?  I would love to take a sissy slut like you over My knee and give you a spanking until your ass is raw.  A good sissy spanking with your dicklet between My knees will teach you how to behave.  Lol.  Good girl!

This sissy caption is HOT!  I love the thought of training some sissy girly bitch to prance around in My clothes and in My shoes.

Sissy Training for sissy cock whores

Then teaching My sissy boy how to be a hot girl like Me?  Mmmmm.  I want to feed sissy boy a nice big cock and tell him exactly how to suck it.  I love emasculating girly bitches.  Slurp that cock like a good little sissy whore.

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Sissy slut gets spanked

Great Sissy Caption!  Sissy bitch is going to learn his lesson one way or another.  I love the thought of spanking a naughty little sissy bitch until his ass is bright red.

I can just imagine that little ass pussy up on a pillow all exposed and ready for My punishment.  Sissy will beg for My strap on one way or another.  Hehehe.

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Sissification by femdom babe

I love this Sissy Caption!  Hot leather clad femdom Mistress gets ready to emasculate her sissy bitch.  With his sissy clit in her hand, she is ready to shave him clean and turn him into her girly sissy whore.

Look at Mistress’ perfect body.  No sissy bitch is worthy of that hot pussy!

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I love these sissy captions!  Just the right amount of humiliation for slutty little sissy whores.

Sissy cock sucker

Don’t you wish this was you?  Sissy faggot lipstick smeared all over your face?  Hehe.  Cum dripping all over you and your sissy panties all wet and sticky.  What a cock sucking sissy whore!  You need to be used like a sissy fuck hole.

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I am sure that you sissy sluts are enjoying these sissy captions and sissy pictures as much as I am.  Here are a few more of My favorite humiliation sissy pix!

Dress up sissy whore

Dress up sissy bitch is gonna get get some cock!


Feminized Sissy Bitch

Let's break in that ass pussy with a nice FAT cock!


Sissy whore humps the floor

Floor humping is so humiliating for sissy sluts!


Orgasm denial for sissy bitch

Orgasm denial is HOT! Who's gonna be My sissy husband?!


Hehe – I know you ALL would like to be My sissy husband.  But the lucky slut who gets to be My future sissy husband has not yet been determined!  So for now, you’ll have to settle for serving Me and satisfying My every whim.  🙂 

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Here are some more Sissy Captions.  These are some of My favorites!
Sissy Whore

I love this one! Sissy Whore Gets FUCKED!

Sissy sluts holes get filled for Me

I'd love to make you take this big rubber cock, sissy slut!

sissy cock suckers open wide

Sissy learns how to deep throat a cock!

Sissy's Ass Pussy Takes Big Cock!

Sissy's Ass Pussy Takes Big Cock!

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As some of you may know, I’ve been sick for the last few days.  🙁  So I figured that Kiss My Ass, Pussy BoyI would use the time to shop for sissy porn.  Hehehe.  I have been having a very good time too.  Sissy porn and femme domme porn is HOT!

I have a bunch of free sissy pictures, strap on porn and stuff like that to post here for My girly sluts.  Something tells Me you bitches are going to enjoy it just as much as I do.  Or more.  When I am feeling better, you can call Me on NiteFlirt and we can watch some sissy cock sucking together.

I will be working on getting more free sissy pix and free sissy porn posted for My sissy sissy faggots.  Lol.  Tonight, I wound up Pretty New Sissy Tittiesspending a lot of time looking through the pictures from Sissy Captions.

I think it’s so hot to control you girly bitches and make you into My sissy sluts and sissy cock suckers.  I love these sissy captions and sissy pix, here’s a couple of them for you to enjoy, girly boy.  I’m going to post a bunch more of My favorites in future posts!