This sissy caption is HOT!  I love the thought of training some sissy girly bitch to prance around in My clothes and in My shoes.

Sissy Training for sissy cock whores

Then teaching My sissy boy how to be a hot girl like Me?  Mmmmm.  I want to feed sissy boy a nice big cock and tell him exactly how to suck it.  I love emasculating girly bitches.  Slurp that cock like a good little sissy whore.

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I just found a great new site for My sissy sluts.  This site features all sorts of clothing and lingerie for sale for sissies.  I know you girly boys often want to buy sissy clothes, panties or bras, but get intimidated because you have no idea how to figure out sizes.

Ruffles-n-Lace has a variety of sizing charts so that you can make your sissy purchases in confidence!  There is a chart which describes exactly how to measure yourself for a bra, a sissy panty size chart, shoe size comversion chart and lots more!

There is nothing worse than a sissy with shoes that are too small or a bra that droops or sags.  So, My sissy sissy faggots, next time you go shopping for panties, stockings, garters, or anything else girly that you are craving, be sure to check for your correct size.

My sissies must be appropriately dressed in well fitting panties and such if they want to serve Me.  And I know you all want to serve Me.  Just imagine wearing these when you are grabbing a nice big cock through a glory hole!  Mmmmm!

Of course you do!  I just found a really cool product to help My sissy sluts feel more girly.  If you really want to be a girly girl, you’ll have to trim up those nasty boy pubic hairs all nice and neat.  But make sure that you leave a little patch.  ‘Cause now you can dye it bright pink with this!

What a great idea!  A nice hot pink patch over your clitty dicklet to make you feel even more like a sissy faggot slut!  You  can even get stencils so that you can have a nice heart shaped patch of sissy hair.

What a great idea!  The products are reasonably priced too.  I have never used them, so I can’t truely endorse the sissy pubic hair dye, but they seem to have some good reviews.  So, My sissy sluts and bitches, give this pubic hair dye a chance and send Me some feedback – or better yet – pictures!

I can think of a few sluts right off the top of My head who would be perfect for this.  TinkerBallerina for one, and Sissy Joy for another.  In fact, I think faggot fiesta boy would do well with this too.  There are more of you I can think of who would be perfect for sissy pink pussy hair:  bottle boy, gay bitch and secret gay boy to name a few more.  Hehe.  Don’t be offended, sissy faggot if I have left your name out.  There are LOTS more of you who need to have HOT PINK PUSSY PUBIC HAIR!  Hehe.  You sluts are so much fun.  🙂