sissy captions

Poor naughty sissy slut.  Hehe.  Have you been misbehaving?  You don’t want to be expelled from sissy school or have your sissy training cum to a halt do you?  I would love to take a sissy slut like you over My knee and give you a spanking until your ass is raw.  A good sissy spanking with your dicklet between My knees will teach you how to behave.  Lol.  Good girl!

Sissy slut gets spanked

Great Sissy Caption!  Sissy bitch is going to learn his lesson one way or another.  I love the thought of spanking a naughty little sissy bitch until his ass is bright red.

I can just imagine that little ass pussy up on a pillow all exposed and ready for My punishment.  Sissy will beg for My strap on one way or another.  Hehehe.

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