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It’s so hard to find a horny guy that loves to fuck girls in the ass, so when i found this hunk in a nightclub i was so happy to find that he was as filthy as me. I love getting that round ass of mine filled with whatever i can… Cock, Dildo, Fingers, Tongue, you name it! I let him know right away that i was a filthy bitch and he was eager to see just how filthy i was.

I treated him to a horny dildo show first, fucking that horny pussy and asshole of mine with a variety of dildo’s and toys. Obviously he loved it and he wasn’t shy about hiding his big cock. My ass and pussy were so wet and ready for a big bit of cock so after i worked that hard dick of his with my filthy mouth, i got him behind me.

It hurt a little at first as his monster cock slid into my asshole, i didn’t realise how much girth he had. But he was tender and knew to go slowly, well, slowly at first. It wasn’t long before he bent me right over and was pummelling me ass. I cried for more and i cried for it to be harder, i’d never cum before from anal and it felt so good.

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